About us

The Chadderdon Group is the first solely female owned Democratic direct mail firm in the country. We were founded with a reputation for direct mail that gets candidates heard and races won. Our mail is smart, effective and not your typical political mail. We have been recognized with nine “Pollie” awards in only four years and the Reed Award for the “Toughest Direct Mail” piece three years in a row.

We have a record of winning races even in the toughest cycles. In 2010, the worst year for Democrats in decades, we won one of only 10 Democratic legislative pick-ups in the country and helped win one of only three Democratic gubernatorial pick-ups in the country. And in 2011, we produced a 60-page book for Planned Parenthood for America in only four days, which was key in helping them win the fight against Congressional de-funding.

During the 2012 cycle, we maintained our record of beating the odds. We elected Nevada State Senator Steven Horsford to Congress in the heavily contested, newly drawn 4th district. We produced social pressure mail for America Votes in 12 key swing states. And, we helped pass an environmental ballot initiative in Alabama with over 75% of the vote, when early polling had us at less than 40%.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our product, which provides an unparalleled combination of beautiful creative direction, attention to detail, poll-driven messaging and a perfect delivery record. If you need your mail to be smarter, better and different, we’re your winning team.